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Random update

Well, it's been quite a while since I've posted anything. So, I decided to post a quick update. My life is moving along great. Libby is graduating this Saturday! That's exciting.

Christmas plans are pretty normal with the seeing of the families and what-not. Although there is a graduation/holiday party this Friday which I'm really looking forward to. Thursday is my last day of work until Jan 4. I'm looking forward to some much needed time off.

My good friends from college, Jesse and Ben are coming into town after Christmas to hang out and go to a Cake concert. That will be a blast. I'm excited to see them and to introduce them to Libby.

Speaking of Libby, the wedding is scheduled for June 25. We still need to get some engagement pics done so we can send out the save the date cards. Of course I also have a honeymoon to plan and pay for. It's going to be an interesting year.

I just started playing fallout 3. I keep asking myself why I waited so long to start it. I've also been obsessed with playing words with friends lately. If you'd like to play, my username is rewquio. (easy to type)

Well, that's enough for now. Good night sweet Internets.

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Off to Austin!

Yay! I'm off to the lands of fun and excitement. :) But, this weekend I'm going to Austin. :P Just kidding. It should be a blast. I'm looking forward to having a great time. We're going to Alysium tonight, Schlitterbahn tomorrow, hanging out tomorrow night, and I'm going to try and convince people to go to the Alamo Drafthouse to see District 9 on Sunday.

I worked late last night and got home at 11. Then I had to do a load of laundry and finally eat some supper. I got up fairly early (for me) and packed this morning and I'm all ready to go. Too bad I have work today. Bleh. Can't I just skip this work thing and they just give me money?

Have a great weekend everybody. And I hope to see you there. :)


Next movie night

Just to give everyone a fair warning, I'm planning to have my next movie night on Saturday, August 29. Starting in October, it will be the first Saturday of the month. But, this time I didn't want to go up against Anime Fest. I figure that might have more draw that my movie night. :)

Feel free to make movie suggestions below. The current thought is Ed Wood and Plan 9 from Outer Space. Or we just might watch Ed Wood and do Plan 9 the next time. I plan to show The Room again in October.

Ask me a question...

This is a repost from facebook...
The last time I tried this, nobody asked me anything.

1 question, 1 chance, 1 honest answer. You can ask me 1 question (TO MY INBOX). Any question, anything no matter how crazy it is. No catch. But I dare you to post this and see what people ask you!

Just send me a message through live journal. Or leave me a comment. I may answer through a message though, if I don't want to tell everybody. :P


Any MST3K Fans Out There?

Who would be interested in a viewing of the Room this weekend?

What's the Room? Well, apparently is the "new" Rocky Horror Picture Show. I don't suspect it will actually replace Rocky, but it sounds like it could be fun to watch and make fun of. :) Apparently, you throw plastic spoons and toss around miniature footballs during this movie.

Wikipedia page

I just bought it from Amazon, so it will be here in time for this weekend. There is actually supposed to be a theatrical showing in Springfield, MO this Friday, but I figure that nobody is going to want to do that. Anyway, I don't have firm plans yet, I'm just judging interest at this point. It could be at my place if people want to see it. I also have a fine collection of other bad movies, so we could make a night out of it.


Why am I so timid?

That's what I asked myself yesterday. The answer is ... I don't know. Well, I know some of it.

On the surface it's about protection. It protects me from the consequences of taking a chance. I'm protected from saying the wrong thing or doing something wrong and having people not want to be around me any more. I'm protected from being awkward around people I might have offended if I had been more forward. I'm protected by not allowing my secrets and thoughts out in the open. (Oops, this site ruins that.) It protects me from the mental beating I'll give myself if I decide that I've done something wrong. But the flip side is that it prevents me from exploring higher forms of social interaction than the casual friend.

The crappy thing is that I don't know if it even works. I imagine that sometimes people feel awkward because I hold back. I may be saving myself some pain, but I'm blocking any potential joy. In the past, I would only allow myself to act if I was pretty sure of the consequences. That makes things difficult. It doesn't help that I have trouble reading people, picking up on non-verbal clues.

What is the solution? I don't know the answer to that either. If I just went around exposing all my secrets and feelings to everyone, surely they would think I was a freak and wouldn't want to be around me. There must be a middle ground. But, what is it? Does anyone have any advice?


Need to Post Something

I've been craving posting something the last few days. The problem...is that I have little to say. My life is moving along. So, I'll just make a quick post to get this out of my system. :)

We managed to get Hope moved out of the house and into her new apartment, which is just a stone's throw from Kate and Damon's apartment. I'm pretty sure that what had me upset last week was the thought and inevitability of the fact of her moving out. There are still some furniture that her mom is supposed to come get next week.

However, having most of her things moved out of the house is a good thing. I think I can be more comfortable being there if I'm not surrounded by reminders all the time. That said, there's still a lot of her stuff lying around everywhere. Slowly, but surely, I'll box it all up and put it in the spare room.

But, I've been doing fairly well the past week. I haven't felt a whole lot of backsliding and feeling sorry for myself. Someone last weekend (I won't name names :P ) told me that they were glad I dropped the kicked puppy routine. In a strange way, I think it was meant as a compliment and that's how I took it. Although, I am sorry to everyone if I've annoyed you with my problems and bouts of depression. I don't want to be a burden. I'm convinced that it is best for me to dig myself out of my hole with as little assistance as possible. I'd like to keep my emo-ness on Live Journal and out of the real world. I think I am doing pretty well, lately.

I'm a lot happier at work too. I've finally managed to move on to something more fulfilling than what I have been working on the last few months. I'm learning to program for Android. I always enjoy when I'm learning to do something new.

Anyway, I didn't mean for this post to get long, but it appears that is what is happening... Oh well. I'll be playing NERO for most of this weekend. It should be fun. Talk to ya later!


Wow, I feel like a dumbass...

Well, I discovered something today that I've suspected but wasn't sure about. At least I saved myself an embarrassing trip to the service department that I was planning on. Two years ago I managed to buy my car without anti-lock brakes. I had assumed since all my last vehicles dating back to 1995 had them that it was pretty much a standard feature by now. Apparently not.

I noticed a couple months ago that when I had to brake hard that the ABS didn't kick in and I started drifting into the next lane (bad). When I let off the the brakes the car way over-steered and I nearly lost control. A month later, this happened again. I figured there was something with the ABS and I was going to need to take it into the service department.

Then I thought. You know, I don't remember ever seeing the ABS symbol when I turn the car on. That's odd right. So, I look in the manual. I look online and sure enough. That is not a standard feature. Good going GM! Remote start is a standard feature, and unlike Toyota, floormats are a standard feature. But ABS, nope. It would have cost just $400 for ABS if I had gotten it with the car. *sigh* It's probably not even an option for aftermarket.

It's not a huge deal, I just have to relearn how to brake, which I've already been doing. Instead of pressing as hard as you can with all your might, it's more of a quick, steady motion. I think I can do this now that I know there is no ABS that will kick in to save my ass.

My only thought for why this is not a standard thing is that maybe some people prefer not to have it. This makes since, especially if they are not used to driving with it. And it's true that you can stop faster if you don't have it, you just may spin around in the road, that's all. :P

Anyway, a word of warning. Be sure to check that the next time you go to buy a car and don't assume it's standard.


Man, I Drive Myself Crazy Sometimes

And there I go again. Yesterday I was dreading going home alone. Now, after feeling down and upset in the early afternoon, I'm actually looking forward to going home and getting more cleaning done. Of course I have plans tonight, so it will have to wait. Geez.

I still don't know what I'm doing this weekend. I've been asking around to see what everybody is up to. I could make the trip out to NERO ASA, but it looks like I'd have to drive myself. If anybody is interested in going, I can drive. I just don't want to drive down there and back alone. That sounds like no fun at all.

Does anybody want to come help me clean up my house? :)

(Just kidding...)

(Unless you actually do want to come help, which would be awesome!)

(Not that I expect you to.)


Advisory board elections

Am I the only one who doesn't give two flips about Live Journal Advisory Board Elections? Maybe as a "citizen" of Live Journal I should have more concern for the politics of it, but I have enough trouble keeping up with real life politics. Also, if anybody knows how to get rid of Live Journal "Spotlight" posts from my friends page, I'd appreciate it. I have no desire to read the blogs of random people I have never heard of. 

Shifting gears... This caught my attention recently and I think it's really cool. It's a blog about Alice and Kev. They happen to be homeless virtual people who live in Sims 3. Apparently, the simulation abilities and AI of Sims 3 is quite advanced compared to previous versions. Also, it has the ability to let your Sims visit the homes of other Sims in the neighborhood. So, this blog is the account of their lives. It's really quite interesting. And it is an attempt to raise awareness of the plight of homeless people. I suggest that you check it out. Also, some of the comments are pretty good.


P.S. Why is it that the mood I'm looking for is never in the predefined list? Half the time, I choose other and specify my own.